I walked through the bushes and trees. Along beside the rice paddies. I walked among the green.

A once daily scene from a different past, an old friend.

Four months after the virus began disrupting, then ravaging humanity’s routine, my first glimpse of freedom proper. Four months mostly confined to my condo. A sense of normal returned, then snapped away by the latest scare, as living, breathing nodes spread out below across the streets of Bangkok. Streets that had been quieted by the absence of human and mechanical traffic. …

One of numerous stone faces of King Jayavarman VII that adorn the towers of Bayon Temple, which still stands at the centre of an ancient, ruined city near modern-day Siem Reap, Cambodia // BEN SALT

This year, the Buddhist New Year festival Songkran and Easter Sunday almost coincided — something that very rarely happens.

As with Easter, Songkran — meaning “pass into” — has historical links to the beginning of springtime. A time when ancient peoples across South and Southeast Asia marked the sun’s transit into the constellation of Aries. The end of the dry season; passing into something new.

The celebrations traditionally involve pouring or splashing water to wash away all negativity from the past year and to wish for good rain and a plentiful harvest in the coming year. …

We’ve read it and heard it over and over again. These are unprecedented times.

A period that will pass without any serious health problems for most of us. But during which we all have a family member or friend who’ll need to be taken extra care of.

Social distancing is something we must now all do to save lives.

I’m going to use the downtime to learn new things. Read more. Catch up on all those things I wanted to watch or listen to. Dust off board games — or open them for the first time. …

Unbounded Earth

Exploring, connecting and healing our world through beautiful human stories told by some of the most inspiring changemakers and adventurers on the planet.

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